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Testimonials: Testimonials

To write a few sentences about Morah Yehudit’s attributes as an educator is impossible - I would need to fill pages to fully convey my feelings! Morah Yehudit is by far the most talented and exceptional  teacher my husband and I have encountered - and k”h having 6 children who have gone through the school systems we’ve gotten to know many educators. Morah Yehudit’s talents and creativity can be seen in the innovative way she formulates her lessons and in the excitement the children exhibit when in her presence. She makes every student feel heard and valued and ensures the lessons are stimulating and interactive. We feel so blessed that our daughter had Morah Yehudit and only wish she could keep teaching our kids throughout their years of schooling. Morah Yehudit invested so much into our daughter and has become more than just a Morah - she is family! Any child worthy enough to have her as his/her teacher will blossom and feel the impact of her teachings for life. She is truly a teacher par excellence!

We have been so fortunate and lucky to have Morah Judith (Yehudit) as our son’s teacher this year. Not only has she done a wonderful job teaching and expanding our son’s capabilities and imagination,  but she has also done it with so much love, passion, and kindness. She is phenomenal at recognizing each of her students’ strengths, needs, and interests, then introducing a plan to complement them. We will never forget this school year and all that we have gained from being in her class. We highly recommend her class to anyone who wants his/her child in a loving, educational, and amazing Montessori style classroom. Thank you morah Judith for everything you have done and do. We would be happy to further share our experience and have a chat with any parent who might be interested or considering her class.

Sarit Rubenstien

Kami & Jacob Hanaie

Morah Judith (Yehudit) is one of the most amazing teachers my kids have ever had, and in fact, I have ever had the privilege to witness in my own life. Her caring nature. Her teaching style. Her calm. Her creativity is one of a kind. During such a strange year for our kids, I have never worried at all about my son's schooling. He has learned the most he has ever learned in school. She balances Jewish learning with secular learning in such a way that a preschooler can grasp the content. My son loves going to school and is so in love with all the activities, sensory and all, that Morah Judith does with the kids.

Candice Amini

Morah Yehudit is an extraordinary educator. She is creative, knowledgeable, loving, and respectful of every child and their needs. She allows and encourages each child to discover the world in their own unique way as she provides the outlet and supplies and allows the child to explore and discover to their heart's content and level. She guides a child through disappointment and problem solving with such respect, tenderness, and compassion - it is truly comforting to see. We absolutely love Morah Yehudit and plan to be forever students of hers.

Rachel Schwartz

Judith (Yehudit) was my daughter's teacher during her first year in school. She was amazing at validating our separation anxiety. She approached my daughter with such care and sweetness, knowing exactly how to keep her engaged. Judith made sure to observe her throughout the day and was on top of her game. I cannot recommend her enough as an educator and as someone to learn from. It has been four years since she has taught my daughter and I still reach out to her for help and guidance.

Alona Cohen

We can't say enough good things about Morah Judith (Yehudit)! Our son has learned so much while under her care, about Judaism and secular subjects as well! He's never has a more long, insightful, responsive, hands-on, or creative teacher than Judith and we don't hesitate to recommend her to everyone!

Hengameh Saghian

I can’t say enough good things about Morah Judith (Yehudit) and her preschool. She is such a dedicated, loving teacher, and she always comes up with creative and interesting ways to keep the kids engaged and learning. She provides such a positive and nurturing preschool environment and my son loves going to school everyday!

Halleh Yafeh

Morah Judith (Yehudit) is exactly the type of educator you would want for your child. She is immensely creative, constantly kind and nurturing, and fun and loving towards each student in her class. Her ability to engage and involve the children with new activities based on her impressive curriculum is truly remarkable. Each child is valued and nurtured to be the best version of themselves. I am grateful to Morah Judith for teaching and loving my son; she has helped make him into a confident and curious boy, and we will be forever thankful to her!

Rebecca Benji

The inspired Bambini learning center is, hands down, one of the best early childhood centers for young children. Judith has been given the very special gift of captivating children and making them feel excited about school. My child cannot get enough of Judith! The way she connects and spends time with the children is so special. My child soaks up everything she teaches him. She helps children feel empowered and capable, all while keeping things FUN! I wish I could keep my son with her forever!

Nicole Esmailzadeh

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