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Founder, Director and Guide

Yehudit Shaesteh is a second generation educator. With over a decade of experience working with children, and becoming familiar with Maria Montessori's philosophy, her passion for early childhood care became very clear. 

With almost ten years of Montessori training experience, Yehudit has founded Montessori Torah Academy. With her repertoire of experience, academic knowledges and training, Yehudit provides quality certified Torah based Montessori education to Jewish students in Los Angeles. 

Master in Early Childhood Education (American Jewish University)

American Montessori Society Certified Teacher ( New England Montessori Teacher Education Center)

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Montessori Certified Infant/Toddler Teacher

Born and raised in Eretz Yisrael, Gal found her passion for early childhood education, specifically Montessori Education, as one would say accidentally surfing the web. After much research and a few years of teaching experience, she decided to enroll herself in the Montessori Academy, based out of Israel, where she would receive her Montessori Infant/ Toddler Certification. 

Morah Gal is beginning her second year with us as our Lead Montessori Teacher for the Toddler Class. Her love, passion and dedication for children shows and she is an inspiration to all her co-workers. 

Prior to teaching, Gal studied to become a pastry chef. Her hobbies include baking and cooking. 

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Associate Teacher

Ayala has been working with children for about ten years and is truly dedicated to their growth and development. Her warmth and love she gives to the children are instantaneously noticeable by all. Morah Ayala has experience working with children ranging between 18 months and 4 years of age. She has worked in play based and Montessori preschools and sees the value in both ways of thought. Ayala has worked hard throughout her career and has moved herself up from assistant to associate teacher. 

Ayala grew up in Los Angeles. She currently resides in the valley with her husband and their dog named Cookie.  Her hobbies include drawing and painting. 

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Teacher's Assistant

Born in Argentina, Chaya moved to Los Angeles with her family at a young age of two and has been living here ever since. Morah Chaya embodies calm and tranquility and the children truly feel that and gravitate towards her. She has been working in early childhood education for a little more than half a decade with children between the ages 0 - 4 years. 

Her hobbies include hiking, walking, exercising at the gym and spending time with friends. 


Substitute Teacher

Dina has been working with children for a decade, but her passion for early childhood education, specifically the Montessori Method arose when she first began working for MTA as a substitute teacher. 

Morah Dina is a go getter, she works hard and has a growth mentality. Her hobby and main occupation is hair styling. She work at a local sheital shop as a lead hair stylist and accepts private clients as well. 

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